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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Everyone Loves Model Ships

Is there a specific time and place in history that you're drawn to? Do you relate closely with an historical incident in the past? Are you inspired by tales of the Vikings or stories of pirates? Did you like to hear about Huckleberry Finn's adventures as a child? Have you got a grandfather that served in the second World War whom shares stories of the ships he spent time on, or tales of the triumphant battles he fought in? Or maybe you have an enthusiasm for kayaking, sailing, speedboats or other sport or watercraft? Connecting with this magic brought into movement with these questions is confirmed by owning one of these beautiful wooden model ships for yourself. Even if you're not particularly fond of wooden model ships, or any models for that matter. Even so, it is guaranteed that you will love and cherish your wooden model ship for years to come. Then one day generations from now your great grandchild will have your wooden model ship sitting in their home just like it was in yours.

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