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Friday, September 26, 2008

Wooden Ship Models

Wooden ship models are made as a symbol of modern or antique sea ships.

Wood is a material by which all types of ship models are built, though metals and plastics have been used for the proletarian kits. The wooden model projects are very luxurious as well as graceful. The earliest Egyptians lead the way in making detailed ships models. They used these ship models beside the casket and they were meant to transport the spirit of the deceased to the next world.

In modern age, the ship models came into subsistence before or during the construction of many warships that were used in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. These ships models were popularly known as Admiralty or Shipyard models. Many of these ship models didn’t show the timbering, they were only visible in the real ships. But the models had a hull and details of deck fixtures, spars, ship's mast and the all-purpose casing. The models provided the non-sea-faring investors with the bird’s eye view of the vessel, eventually how they were supposed to be. We can find different types of wooden ships’ models. Some are engraved from a single block while others by super gluing together blocks of wood. And some others are constructed on plank-on frames in order to build a full size ship.

There are various types of wooden model ships available. These can be luxury cruises, war ships, sailing ships etc. and these have various price ranges. You can opt for any of these types of wooden ship models for your home.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Display Cases

Building your perfect model ship can take months. Finally, when you are done the results give immense pleasure after all the hard work. You sit there appreciatively in front of your new born ship model, and the first thing that comes to your mind is how you can protect your ship model. You can protect your dream ship model simply by opting for the perfect display case.

Our display cases ensure your ship model is very safe. The display cases have a typical style that enhances the attractiveness of your ship model. The typical stylish looks and the unique design of our display cases instantly create a positive impression.

Along with our display cases, we provide you superlative care and excellent workmanship that you anticipate and deserve. All our display cases are a combination of beauty, stability, durability. Our display cases protect your model ship from the hands of both young and old curio seekers, dust, liquid sprays and also from air impurities like smoke.

If you are a ship model collector or you want the joys of model ship building or you want to give a model ship as a gift, you have to be ready for displaying.

We build various types of display cases for Tall Ships, Sailing Boats, Cruises, Speed Boats, and Yachts etc. So, now it’s your turn to choose the right and most sophisticate display case for your ship model.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Handcrafted Ship Models

When we think about the ocean and the ships that sail on it, we get a sense of romance. You may have heard about the antique war ships, pirate ships, yachts, and other ships; on which all of us desire to set foot on and experience some of the adventures and romance they once used to offer.

The handcrafted ship modelers can competently reconstruct your preferred model military ship, private yacht model, and submarine wood model or the sailing ship mahogany models to precise terms. It is quite obvious that a lot of hard work and hundred of hours take to complete the process of caving, rigging, painting and hand making the furniture, which makes the handcrafted model into a work of arts.

By and large, the ship modelers have the original blueprints of the actual ships. For that reason, all the parts of the ship models including the guardian, weaponries, guns and hulls are very accurate and precise. They use very high quality of material to recreate the replicas, using the latest modernism and techniques, which are applied in the over-all developing and operating procedures. Furthermore, the models are designed with really robust base, decorated with insignias.

These days, many companies offer handcraft ship models at sensible rates. Some times they offer special discounts on specific models. The corporate clients are giving the opportunity of availing exact models within a budget and also in proper timelines. The lists of prices depend on the quality, type, length, make, and the model of the ship. Finally, choosing of ship models depends upon you - whether you want to go for ancient vessels, classic model boats, radio-control boats, or traditional or modern yachts.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sailing Ship Models

Ships models give us detailed information on Wooden Ships, Sailing Ships, Tall Ships etc. The term Ship Models is often used is place of Model Ships.

The models of sailing ships are of wind-powered ships. Before the advent of the watercourse engines, sailing ships were the main means of hauling across long distances. The sailing ships were used for transporting passengers, goods, mails, supplies etc. In recent times, some of the developing countries have been using them for fishing as well as transportation. There are many tall ship schooling vessels that offer entertaining sailing experience.

In the age of sail yore, the sailing ship had decisive military purpose. The sailing ships were used in several wars. The naval battles were fought among United Kingdom, France, Spain and the Netherlands. During the time of thriving slave trade, the sailing ships were used to transport large number of slaves from countries in the African continent to the United States.

Sailing ships consist of a hull, rigging, and a pole to grip the sails, which in turn tap the wind to power the ships. Counterbalancing helps to keep the bottom of the ship firm; and for this reason, the waves can’t topple the ship over. Those vessels, which have three or more masts, are called sailing ships whereas the rest are just sailing boats.

Fine sailing model ships are displayed at the impressive American Marine Model Gallery in Salem, Massachusetts.

Sailing ship models are available with hundred of dealers in the world. The price ranges from $100 to $400. However, the cost of the museum-quality sailing models can be up to $15,000!

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The sea, the ships, and the boats on sail; it's the subject of fantasies among all age groups. Unfortunately, the challenging demands of ultra-modern life, back-breaking schedules and increasing costs do not leave one with the time and freedom for a luxury of owning a boat. So even a look alike model of a boat of one's preferred choice brings a lot of joy. In fact, the wooden ship models are a hot favorite since these are made of wood and give the hobbyist a feeling of going back to the pages of naval history.

People purchase wooden boat models for different ways of pleasure. They might have found good space for it at their work place or at home. At office, it gives them a sense of pride and a feeling of arrogance of possessing a wooden boat model of their own choice. The ready made ship models look vary attractive. They come under one’s ownership as a complete product, which can be shown off immediately.

On the other hand, there are people who feel that they are missing out on the real thing; they often dream even building a wooden boat model of their choice. For them, there are many companies that provide you instructions on building model boats and also provide the kits. This translates their dreams into reality and gives huge satisfaction to the hobbyist.

Most of the blueprints of model boats belong to ownership of modelers. They have pursued them with exactness and correctness. The parts are constructed to scale and the kits contain detailed directions with care being taken to avoid any problems.

These days, there are many companies and websites who are dealing with readymade models and kits. These models and kits come with a lot of know-how and provide outstanding discounts for the hobbyist.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Princess Cruise Lines

The biggest cruising company in the world is Princess Cruise Liners, and they are the best as well.

In the year 1974, Princess cruise liners was losing strength. Peninsular & Oriental Stream Navigation Company (P&O) took over Princess Cruise Liners. The "Island Princess" and the "Pacific Princess" were both built under P&O. It was on these two cruise linersthat "The Love Boat" found place. P&O already had a large task force and ships which would be shared by the two brand names. In 1978, "Sea Princess" sailed for the name of both the brands. However, in 1984, the "Royal Princess" became the first liner to be exclusively manufactured for the Princess Cruise Liners Company.

P&O continued to acquire others cruise companies and bought the Tour and Sitmar Line too. The ships were procured and new cruise routers were added to the company. But in recent times, many of the cruises came under the brand of Princess Cruise Liners. Finally it became separated from P&O in the year 2000. Even before this, the Carnival Corporation merged with P&O along with its detached companies, which in turn resulted in incorporation of twelve cruising brands.

The Princess Cruise Liners gets marketed as Princess Cruise. Presently, it has seventeen cruise lines running around the world, among which three ships are quite small. All the liners are designed like a five star hotel. At the same time, they give a feeling like a personal service. You can expect casinos, theatres, swimming pools in the cruise. In fact, it depends on the cruise you choose. The liners sail on a wide range of destinations. This includes world cruise, Alaska, Hawaii, South America, and Europe, even elsewhere around the world. However, Princess Cruise Lines may be expensive. But what you experience is impressive journeys on Princess Cruises Liners, which are definitely unforgettable.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Different Types of Boats

There are many types of boats available in market today. They can be made of different types of materials.

Light boats are one of the popular types of boats. Its sides and bow are made of flexible stubs and has a flat floor. There are inflexible glass-boats fastened to outboard motor. This kind of inflexible boat is popularly known as Zodiac boat.

There are many flexible boats in market that are made of rubber, canvas, neoprene, where air can be restricted to low pressure and high volume. These boats have a frame to fix with an oarlock mount. Basically these frames are made of metal, wood or a blend of both. These types of boats are especially designed to be handy and portable, that’s why they can be teamed into smaller bundles to be taken as rafts.

We can find another two types of boats; such as fishing boats and inflatable platoon boats. These types of boats are basically high-speed, stable and maneuverable. Also, they can be launched from the ship. The outboard engineers or oars drive this type of boats. It’s important that you know these types of inflatable boats blow up with the wrong pressure or insufficient air, and also these boat fold in the middle.

It’s not too difficult to find stores that sell boats. Whether online on the Internet or regular sports stores, you can find all types of boats through them. You may want to buy your favorite boats from stores, which offer discounts and cheaper rates. Boats are mostly available between the price ranges of $25 to $2,800. This covers 8-foot fishing boats, yacht tenders and 14-foot inflatable sail boats.

Portability is one of the main criteria for choosing the type of boat. Inflatable boats are quite lighter when inflated, and can be pulled to required places. However, it is important that you choose a boat that is 8-feet long, holds at least three people, uses a motor, and doesn’t have wooden floor or heavy parts.

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At your favorite sea beaches you can find speed boats zooming past! Most of us dream of owning one to fulfill our dreams. There are many reasonably priced speed boats available. Especially the smaller ones are quite cheap. Many of us want to go boating on a hot day, and even look to enjoy the great speed of water skiing behind their speed boats.

Speed boats are made by companies like Bayliner. Bayliner speed boats can be categorized into three main types, such as Bowriders, Deck Boats and lastly Cruisers.

The Bowriders are normally the smallest of boats, in which maximum of four people can sit. These are ideal for water sports as well as day trips.

Deck Boats are the longer version of Bowriders. These are speed boats for your family and are very fast allowing water skiing. At the same time, they are large enough to sunbathe and even relax by cruising.

Cruiser is the largest version of Bayliners’ speed boats. Basically it is totally a different kind of speed boat. It is much better designed to facilitate comfort cruising. There are number of cabins on it, which means it’s more than just a day trip. The cruiser can be used for weekend cruising at your nearest watercourse.

Spending time on speed boats can be fun with your family. Speed boats contribute in a huge way to get children interested in water. It also proves to be a great introduction and learning curve to learn more about water and boating safety.

There are many large ranges of new as well as used speed boats sailing around the world. Having said it all, speed boating is one of the most expensive of hobbies for sure. But it can be affordable at a small scale. Even a second hand speed boat can be a good deal if it is fairly inexpensive.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The safest and most suitable yacht contracts are on board yachts, which have a well-trained and experienced crew. You have to leave it to the group regarding all qualms about the management and safety of the yacht and about the food preparation for your needs. If you want to spend some time in a tension-free and hassle-free dream vacation on the sea, then you should definitely opt for a crewed yacht charter.

You can’t assume any dependability or accountability for the vessel, as there is no security deposit needed for yacht chartering. But you can get all types of comforts and extras e.g., air conditioner, TV/VCR, GPS, cameras, water toys etc. If you choose a crewed yacht, then you’ll get all those facilities that are not offered in a bareboat charter.

In case of bareboat charter, you’ll need to take on the service of a trained captain and also you have to hold the necessary license to use the yacht. Cooking is another important aspect.

You have to pay at least $1,050 per person per week for the best of yachts with better equipments and connoisseur cuisines served. You can enjoy the finesse of world’s greatest restaurants in your yacht!

The crew matters a lot in managing the yacht and serving the guests properly. They help you by giving important ideas for your journey, by preparing your land expedition, and by preparing and serving your meals as well as drinks. They show you the best of places for anchoring, snorkel and also swimming and also introduce you to better yacht handling. These are the advantages of crewed yacht charter that you don’t get in bareboat charter.

We can get detailed information from the Yacht Charters Info, about Caribbean and Mediterranean Yacht charters that include luxurious, crewed, private, motor and finally corporate yacht charters.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tall ship

Tall ship models are the conventional sailing vessels found in historical sailing research. These days, these ships are no longer in existence except for the stationary museums!

We can find close to 100 types of tall ships sailing all around the world! Many of the vessels have presence just to relive a bit of history.

Some of these ships carry out preparation programs. They allow people selectively to have hands on sail training cruise variety from a few days to several weeks. Some of the vessels take on voyage of investigation and science programs.

Through out the world the navy of tall ships is growing. There are many ships discovered at Newfoundland, such as Sea trails of Matthew, imitation of the vessel John Cabot - that are being completed. Basically the construction has begun as a duplication of the camaraderie among the three mercantile vessels from Salem, Massachusetts. All around the world there are many such replicas. For example, HMS Rose, HMS Bounty, USB Niagara, Sprit of Massachusetts, Lady Washington and host of other tall ships.

Experts of ship modeling have a charm for all tall ship models. The influential American Marine Model Gallery located in Salem, Massachusetts has a large collection of historic Model Ships

manufactured by the finest ship modeling artists. During the Great Age of Sail, Salem was one of America’s busiest seaports and marine centers. In the marine model gallery, there are many types of ships available such as antique ship models, navy board ship models, pond yacht models etc.

You can find hundred of dealers who offer kits of tall ships for a price ranging from $90 to $350. Another range of tall ship models are very expensive with price which can go up to $15,000.

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