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Monday, September 22, 2008

Princess Cruise Lines

The biggest cruising company in the world is Princess Cruise Liners, and they are the best as well.

In the year 1974, Princess cruise liners was losing strength. Peninsular & Oriental Stream Navigation Company (P&O) took over Princess Cruise Liners. The "Island Princess" and the "Pacific Princess" were both built under P&O. It was on these two cruise linersthat "The Love Boat" found place. P&O already had a large task force and ships which would be shared by the two brand names. In 1978, "Sea Princess" sailed for the name of both the brands. However, in 1984, the "Royal Princess" became the first liner to be exclusively manufactured for the Princess Cruise Liners Company.

P&O continued to acquire others cruise companies and bought the Tour and Sitmar Line too. The ships were procured and new cruise routers were added to the company. But in recent times, many of the cruises came under the brand of Princess Cruise Liners. Finally it became separated from P&O in the year 2000. Even before this, the Carnival Corporation merged with P&O along with its detached companies, which in turn resulted in incorporation of twelve cruising brands.

The Princess Cruise Liners gets marketed as Princess Cruise. Presently, it has seventeen cruise lines running around the world, among which three ships are quite small. All the liners are designed like a five star hotel. At the same time, they give a feeling like a personal service. You can expect casinos, theatres, swimming pools in the cruise. In fact, it depends on the cruise you choose. The liners sail on a wide range of destinations. This includes world cruise, Alaska, Hawaii, South America, and Europe, even elsewhere around the world. However, Princess Cruise Lines may be expensive. But what you experience is impressive journeys on Princess Cruises Liners, which are definitely unforgettable.

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