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Friday, September 26, 2008

Wooden Ship Models

Wooden ship models are made as a symbol of modern or antique sea ships.

Wood is a material by which all types of ship models are built, though metals and plastics have been used for the proletarian kits. The wooden model projects are very luxurious as well as graceful. The earliest Egyptians lead the way in making detailed ships models. They used these ship models beside the casket and they were meant to transport the spirit of the deceased to the next world.

In modern age, the ship models came into subsistence before or during the construction of many warships that were used in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. These ships models were popularly known as Admiralty or Shipyard models. Many of these ship models didn’t show the timbering, they were only visible in the real ships. But the models had a hull and details of deck fixtures, spars, ship's mast and the all-purpose casing. The models provided the non-sea-faring investors with the bird’s eye view of the vessel, eventually how they were supposed to be. We can find different types of wooden ships’ models. Some are engraved from a single block while others by super gluing together blocks of wood. And some others are constructed on plank-on frames in order to build a full size ship.

There are various types of wooden model ships available. These can be luxury cruises, war ships, sailing ships etc. and these have various price ranges. You can opt for any of these types of wooden ship models for your home.

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